The first time: Angel comes to meet you

5th April 2016 , Tues

HELLO ELVES!!! This is my very first time starting a blog and I do feel nervous to hear from my pretty & handsome elves out there ~ So, today I am not going to share anything BUT myself !!


This is Seoul, Korea spring time, ENJOY !!

I am Angel Tinker as all of you know and all of you will be my elves staying in this Magic Land !! I am a very ordinary and cheerful girl who will be sharing part of my lifestyle and revealing my story… I love to talk a lot to all my family members as well as my friends but now I think I have faced some problems which I am not able to settle down.

Of course, I do hope my elves will like it and we can be online friends too !! There are a lot more to share to you in a proper typed blog. Therefore, please stay tuned and we will meet again in the next blog !!

I am very grateful that I could grab some of your time reading here and I am so excited to know all of my elves, I hope you do feeling this way too !!! If you have any questions that you want to know more about me ,FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT DOWN BELOW AND I WILL REPLY YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!

I apologize for using all the simple languages and I will try to improve my skills for the next coming blog ! Angel wishes my elves have a nice day , be happy and positive when facing any problems in your life ~ BYE, SEE YOU MY ELVES



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